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Chartering Members, In Their Own Words...

Why do you believe chartering Alloya Corporate FCU is important? 

Please share your thoughts with others about the value the new corporate will bring to your credit union. Whether just a few words, a couple sentences or several paragraphs, your thoughts are important.*

This page will be updated regularly with members’ testimonials (below). Please check back often to see what participating members are saying!

*Note: all testimonials will be reviewed prior to posting. 


Last updated: August 17, 2011

Our credit union, also, is happy to go with the experienced team in place for Alloya. We never experienced any glitches or problems in going from Members United to Members United Bridge with any of the clearings and expect smooth transition to Alloya - something good for our members.

- Carolyn Mardis, Bloomington Postal Employees Credit Union

The exceptional member service we have always received from Member's United CFCU and Member's United Bridge CFCU was one of the main reasons we were ready to capitalize Alloya CFCU. The flexibility of the capital plan was very appealing to our credit union. We wanted to stay with the corporate credit union system and it only made sense for us to choose Alloya. They have the proven ability to add new members and complete mergers without disruption to current members. I believe growth potential is critical to maintaining a competitve fee schedule in the future.

- Lynn Kothe, North Memorial FCU
"On this topic, I need to take a moment to make this additional comment. I think we all need to take a hard look back at what our Corporate has done for us for over 40+ years. First, I know they have saved our Credit Union many hundreds and thousands of dollars over that time, for providing us services such as share draft clearings, ACH & VISA settlement, wire transfers, and a LOC to name a few; for much cheaper than anyone else could have. Still, today as a "Bridge Corporate" helping us continue to save money. Second, we earned thousands of dollars in dividends on our Capital Shares over the years that it was held on deposit. Third, the Service can't be beat. let's face it, the Albany team especially, has always come through with research, instant credit and adjustments, returned calls quickly, and put us on alert when and if any special attention was needed for anything. The personal commitment they made and still make to all of us, goes beyond what anyone else would have done and would not have been beat! We all still need and want these reasonably priced services, right? The new capitalization plan is very fair and it is based on your settlement needs. Don’t we want to keep our funds "local" too??? We definitely need to keep our money in credit union organizations and not in banks or other types of Financial Institutions, don’t we? I am not being paid or asked to say this on the behalf of anyone, and those of you that know me personally, know that's how I feel. It is up to us as CEO's and Managers to inform our "Boards" and to guide them to which best suits our Credit Union and members needs. Just take a real hard look at the real picture before you make any decisions about "NOT" going with Alloya. Keep in mind, many Corporate Credit Unions failed, not just Members United. Together, we can all make a difference and support our "NEW" Local Corporate Alloya!"
- Barry Stilwell, Canandaigua FCU